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How To Make Stickers

Anyone can make home-made stickers. All you need is a little patience and creativity. These stickers are easy to make and will adhere and pull safely off any surface. What you’ll need are little squirt bottles of fabric paint and mirror or glass to work on. Follow the four easy steps below:

  1. Take the paint and make a design or drawing on the glass, like a name or flower, heart, or star.
  2. Let teh paint dry for 24 hours or until it isn’t soft to touch or press down. The more paint you use, the longer it will have to dry
  3. After it dry, peel back the paint and the design will come cleanly off the glass. Make sure to take your time so as not trip the design in pieces. The paint will feel just like thin rubber and is very easy to tear.
  4. Rub a little bit of water on the back of the stickers so it will be able to adhere to another surface. Place it anywhere on the mirror or any other surface.

The rubber-like desugns are reusable as long as you make sure and pull them of carefully. These are clean and easy to use on any surface. You never have to worry about these stickers leaving permanent marks or residu. Just make sure not to trip the paint each time you remove and relocate it. It’s a great idea for kids birthday presents or just an activity for them to do to pass the time. Kids of all ages, even college students, may like to use these to decorate their rooms. Make sure to get bright colors to spruce up any room! They look like puffy stickers,but are not nearly as expensive.




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